All contests and giveaways are here! Check m out!

Right now: Win a room makeover plan (decoration ideas, organization and shopping tips) by Lfiorelina who just finished her room makeover.

Room makeover series will be uploaded soon, but, in the meantime, if you feel like changing your bedroom, all you need to do is send us an email at with pictures from your bedroom and a hand or computer drawn blueprint. Check out more info HERE

Love you all!



3 thoughts on “Contests(!)”

  1. Is the contest international?

  2. Katexbeautyguru said:

    Hey L!! I sent u the email and didn’t get a reply..does that mean I wasn’t chosen??? Is the contest over?? I really want the plan cuz my room sucks pretty much..but if I didn’t win could u at least tell me which softwarebur using for your plan?? Thanksss

  3. Please do the room makeover contest again! I missed it and couldn’t send you all the required info at the time..please please!

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