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Up-do or down-do? Flowers or artsy wreaths? Maybe both! From ginger to dark brown hair, future brides that are looking for fairy hairstyles feel free to be inspired from the selections below! And if you’re looking for a creative hairstyle just for fun, some of these creative ideas are easy enough for you to recreate on your own!

Fairy hairstyles for long hair 

Fairy hairstyles look best on light colour hair, such as the colour scheme above, which is known as “ginger”. This hair colour lights up the face features and enhances the eyes! Why not give it a try?

This orange colour scheme, slightly bolder than the previous one, is recommended for pale skin tones, because of the high contrast that occurs.

A darker shade of this beautiful colour, in a large curl down-do..Curls are perfect for fairy hairstyles!

fairytale collage hair

This is one of the hairstyles you can easily recreate: a simple bun that ends in a loose braid, perfect for any hair colour, especially for brown and light blond colour schemes.

If you have very long hair like the ones above, why not do a wavy messy down-do? And,  if you dare, try deep dying the ends in a darker colour scheme that suits your eye colour. That would be a great match!





Highlight a simple hairstyle by dying a small hair piece in a fluorescent colour. Fuchsia or red if you’re a brunette or a dark blonde, blue if you’re a blonde. Don’t try this if your a red head!

Do you have short hair? Didn’t like any of the above? Well, in that case, simply leave your hair the way they are and add a beautiful flower or a wreath! Don’t forget this is all about fairy hair, and not hollywood perfection! Be creative, but keep it natural.

How to: floral wreath headpieces

Whatever hairstyle you choose to make, don’t forget the headpiece! A floral wreath or other head creation is absolutely necessary if you want a fairy look. Here are a couple ideas of pre-made wreaths and also how to make your own! 


How to: make your own

Not really into flowers? Try this feather headpiece for a more indian look!

Hope you enjoyed this “fairy hairstyle guide”..more fairytale wedding guides on the wedding dress and the setting will be uploaded soon! In the meantime, have fun!