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Do you ever have unknown words in the definitions of unknown words you were searching in a dictionary? thefreedictionary.com is smart enough to give you a solution.

Yesterday I was really sick, with a rainy nose, a strong annoying cough and a loud headache. While reading a book online, I had an unknown word, so i quickly typed it in google, and clicked on thefreedictionary.com result. As I was reading the definition, I accidentally discovered a very useful tool the website offered.


Step 1: Type your unknown word on Google and hit the search button.

Step n.1: search on google

Step 2: Click on the “www.thefreedictionary.com” result.

Step 3: Read the definition. Do you have an unknown word in the definition you were originally searching? Well, here’s the trick! Double click on any word in that definition, and thefreedictionary.com will take you to it’s definition!


And one more trick

Instead of typing the word into google, directly type


Hope you found this trick useful!