Guide for the dream fairytale wedding – bridal fairy hairstyle ideas for long hair


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Up-do or down-do? Flowers or artsy wreaths? Maybe both! From ginger to dark brown hair, future brides that are looking for fairy hairstyles feel free to be inspired from the selections below! And if you’re looking for a creative hairstyle just for fun, some of these creative ideas are easy enough for you to recreate on your own!

Fairy hairstyles for long hair 

Fairy hairstyles look best on light colour hair, such as the colour scheme above, which is known as “ginger”. This hair colour lights up the face features and enhances the eyes! Why not give it a try?

This orange colour scheme, slightly bolder than the previous one, is recommended for pale skin tones, because of the high contrast that occurs.

A darker shade of this beautiful colour, in a large curl down-do..Curls are perfect for fairy hairstyles!

fairytale collage hair

This is one of the hairstyles you can easily recreate: a simple bun that ends in a loose braid, perfect for any hair colour, especially for brown and light blond colour schemes.

If you have very long hair like the ones above, why not do a wavy messy down-do? And,  if you dare, try deep dying the ends in a darker colour scheme that suits your eye colour. That would be a great match!





Highlight a simple hairstyle by dying a small hair piece in a fluorescent colour. Fuchsia or red if you’re a brunette or a dark blonde, blue if you’re a blonde. Don’t try this if your a red head!

Do you have short hair? Didn’t like any of the above? Well, in that case, simply leave your hair the way they are and add a beautiful flower or a wreath! Don’t forget this is all about fairy hair, and not hollywood perfection! Be creative, but keep it natural.

How to: floral wreath headpieces

Whatever hairstyle you choose to make, don’t forget the headpiece! A floral wreath or other head creation is absolutely necessary if you want a fairy look. Here are a couple ideas of pre-made wreaths and also how to make your own! 


How to: make your own

Not really into flowers? Try this feather headpiece for a more indian look!

Hope you enjoyed this “fairy hairstyle guide”..more fairytale wedding guides on the wedding dress and the setting will be uploaded soon! In the meantime, have fun!



Learn the trick:


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Do you ever have unknown words in the definitions of unknown words you were searching in a dictionary? is smart enough to give you a solution.

Yesterday I was really sick, with a rainy nose, a strong annoying cough and a loud headache. While reading a book online, I had an unknown word, so i quickly typed it in google, and clicked on result. As I was reading the definition, I accidentally discovered a very useful tool the website offered.


Step 1: Type your unknown word on Google and hit the search button.

Step n.1: search on google

Step 2: Click on the “” result.

Step 3: Read the definition. Do you have an unknown word in the definition you were originally searching? Well, here’s the trick! Double click on any word in that definition, and will take you to it’s definition!


And one more trick

Instead of typing the word into google, directly type 

Hope you found this trick useful!



Top 10 music videos to dance to


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Hey there! As you may or may not know, I am passionate about dancing, either that is street, modern, Latin or freestyle dancing! When I dance, I feel like being lifted to the stars, travelling in many different places and forgetting my miserable moments. So, I spend hours and hours getting inspired by music videos, songs, choreographers and new ideas through YouTube. You tube is one of my all-time favorite websites because through it I have discovered tons of choreographs and new dancing techniques. If you know how to use it, YouTube is a lifesaving tool.

Yesterday, while surfing on YouTube, I thought, why not dance? That’s when I quickly typed the name “Shakira” on the search box. Because, it’s true, Shakira proves her dancing skills in every music video she films.

From Shakira to Michael Jackson, these are my top 10 music videos to dance to!

1. Michael Jackson – Bad

2. Michael Jackson – Beat it

3. Beyonce – love on top

4. Beyonce – Dance for you

5. Beyonce – Single ladies

6. Shakira – it’s time for africa

7. Britney Spears – Baby one more time

8. Spice Girls – Wannabe

9. Little Mix – Wings

10. Madonna – Vogue

I hope you enjoyed dancing! If you feel like it, tell me which music video you liked the most by commenting down bellow!



The story of little Ilias from Greece – A sweet goodbye…


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I was very sad and shocked when I found out about the story of little Ilias from Greece…Ilias, a seven year-old boy, died last Wednesday in Switzerland where he traveled with his family to have another by pass surgery, since the Greek doctors were unable to save him. Ilias had undergone 6 operations from a very young age, due to the fact he had very serious heart problems that were associated with his developmental problems. Ilias was receiving special hormones, but his heart was still suffering. His strength and courage kept him alive for so many years, until this week.

Ilia’s family had spoken to many doctors and their only hope was to afford a by pass surgery from Dr. Afksendiyos Kalangos, a cardiovascular surgeon in the Clinique de Chirurgie Cardio Vasculaire in Geneva, who also cured for free children with very serious heart issues that couldn’t afford the fees of such surgeries. The problem in Ilia’s case was a signature. Dr. Kalangos only needed a signature from the onassis foundation hospital in order for Mr. Kalangos to come and save little Ilias with no financial charges. The signature didn’t come in time. And when it did, it came with a note that said the family had to travel to Geneva because the surgery could not take place in the Onassis Hospital. Little Ilias made it to Geneva, but, after the surgery, his heart stopped beating…

I know this story is very hard and cruel, but this is what the world is like nowadays: egoistic, cruel, famished for some power and money, not caring about others, humans animals and the nature that surrounds them. This blog is not just about fashion and other material goods. My purpose is to also try to influence people by expressing my opinion, to try to make the world a better place for everybody.

My heart and soul are with Ilia’s family, I send them my wishes for a happy future, with beautiful memories of the past, with less pain and anger. I wanted to share this painful story with you, because it is not the first time something like this happens. Let’s stop this misanthropy, this unfair situation, lets make the world better.

Please share this message with you close friends and family, with everybody. Let’s all try to improve ourselves as human beings. And before you forget about what you just read, imagine how you would feel if what happened to Ilias happened to your child, brother, sister, mother, father, friend. How would you feel?


“They say what we know, is just what they teach us and we’re so ignorant ’cause every time they can reach us Through political strategy they keep us hungry and when you’re gonna get some food your brother is your enemy” Bob Marley, lyrics from the song “Ambush in the night”

The road is home – You will never be more inspired…


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It was a typical Thursday afternoon when (I don’t remember how), I discovered The blog of a successful 19 year-old photographer who’s life is more inspiring and adventurous than many people who are so much older than she is. I don’t think I am capable of describing what her blog is all about..inspiring is a good adjective but doesn’t fully depict the beauty, happiness and enlivenment of it..

Summer in indonesia

If you want to feel how beautiful life is, all you need to do is be inspired, and, Nirrimi’s blog is a very beautiful start. Click here, and after you read the “About me” section, click here, choose your favorite month, sit back, and enjoy!

If you want to discover more about Nirrimi, check out her website, or follow her on twitter here.

Also, watch this short clip Nirrimi directed, filmed by her love, Matt

Lots of kisses! Until the next post, enjoy life to the fullest!


ps. Focus on the beauty of every moment you live. Like Nirrimi says, “most of all i’m just passionately obsessed with capturing beautiful moments.”


Simply Vera Wang – As beautiful as it sounds


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Simply Vera Wang : as beautiful as it sounds. 

The Pret-a-porter Vera Wang collection is not what you would expect: it’s as beautiful and as affordable as you would want it. Stolen from a fairytale, from a paradise, exotic and flowery, perfectly depicts spring and summer, simplicity and beauty.

And the prices? What if I told you tops, bottoms and other apparel start from 10$ And we are talking about the original Simply Vera Wang!

Simply Vera Wang

  Shop the outfit at 

Shop the dress

Simply Vera Vera Wang Splatter Chiffon Dress

Shop the cardigan

Simply Vera Wang lace trim cardigan

Shop the heels

Simply Vera Wang platform high heels

Pair it with a necklace 

Simply Vera Wang jet bead necklace

Price tag

necklace: currently on sale  for $18.00 (original $30.00 )

dress: currently on sale for $51.00 (original $68.00)

Cardigan: currently on sale for $43.50 (original $58.00)

Heels: currently on sale for $27.97 (original $69.99)

The prices? Unbelievable! The collection? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Don’t worry, I will post an article on my favorites of the Simply Vera Wang and who knows? Maybe a haul as well, since Im stunned! 

In the meantime, check out the full collection yourself here and be prepared to be dazzled…



Alexander McQueen – Women’s Spring/Summer 2013 Runaway


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Hey guys!

Im back with my favorites/review of the Alexander McQueen Women’s Spring/Summer 2013 runaway collection! We all know how much I loved Alexander McQueen as a fashion designer as an artist and as an idiosyncrasy, how much I loved all the previous Alexander McQueen collections and how much I adore Sarah Burton’s collections, even if they are not creations of THE god of fashion. Because, Alexander McQueen and MQ are not just my favorite fashion houses. What makes them so unique is the way they express fashion through art, how every apparel they create is a masterpiece. That is why, the moment I received the email that announced the collection in my inbox, I immediately started preparing this post. And, to tell you the truth, this collection blew me away!

The combination of the feminine, slightly back in time, sexy and delicate style with the forceful, progressive and astonishing aura that fills the runaway is by itself, a reason to love this collection. Not to mention how every look seems to time travel back and fourth without being chronologically specific…

“The collection is a study of femininity. We looked at erotica. Vargas girls, cages, corsets and crinolines and the idealisation of the female form. Nothing is set in a particular period. It’s about sensuality and skin but not nudity. We also wanted to express lightness, for the clothes almost to hover over the women who wear them.” Sarah Burton

This, is art. Pure, beautiful, hysterically harmonic art.

                                                         A brief description of the collection


“Signature tailored jackets are layered over jewelled, moulded resin bustier tops and sheer, mid-calf length honeycomb pencil skirts, or cropped panelled trousers. A play between covering the body and discreetly exposing it is seen throughout as the transparent is juxtaposed with the opaque and garments peel away from necklines and shoulders (…) Every aspect of the foundation garment and the transformation of the body that is a hallmark of the house of Alexander McQueen is explored.”

Experience the beauty and the glamour of the runaway by watching the two minute backstage film

                                                                                                      My favorites

I hope you enjoyed my runaway favorites..! Yellow and fuchsia ruled the fashion show towards it’s end, and as far as it concerns this year’s trends, they’re in!

To fully enjoy the collection and the world of Alexander McQueen, click here.



ps. Tell me what you liked the most!

Also, watch the full fashion show here!



when I was little I wanted to become a ballet dancer


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When I was little I dreamed of dancing in tchaikovsky’s swan lake as the prima ballerina (odette) wearing a beautiful white tutu and pointe shoes with ribbons…
Beautiful picture of pointe shoes