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Hey there guys! Im back again! I am so sorry for not uploading for a couple of days, I was extremely busy with my room makeover but now that my room is ready, let’s give your bedroom a perfect makeover! Win the plan of your makeover, the how to, decoration and organizing ideas as well as shopping tips all for free!


1. To participate to this contest, you must be subscribe to fashinating.wordpress.com Do that by entering your email address where it says “subscribe”. That way you will get notified for any new posts and of course for the winners announcement!

2. Take pictures of your bedroom. Make sure you do not miss any part of it (closet, desk drawers) but don’t show any sensitive personal information that may help others locate where you live or who you are (street address, full name, phone number) Also make sure you don’t include pictures of other people who may not want to appear there.

3. Hand or computer draw a plan of your room which will help understand how your room works.

4. If you are under 18, make sure you have your parents consent.

5. Send an email containing the pictures and the plan to lfiorelina@gmail.com until 10th of March 2013

6. Your plan and email address will not be shown on the website.

Good luck!