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It was a typical Thursday afternoon when (I don’t remember how), I discovered http://www.theroadishome.com The blog of a successful 19 year-old photographer who’s life is more inspiring and adventurous than many people who are so much older than she is. I don’t think I am capable of describing what her blog is all about..inspiring is a good adjective but doesn’t fully depict the beauty, happiness and enlivenment of it..

Summer in indonesia

If you want to feel how beautiful life is, all you need to do is be inspired, and, Nirrimi’s blog is a very beautiful start. Click here, and after you read the “About me” section, click here, choose your favorite month, sit back, and enjoy!

If you want to discover more about Nirrimi, check out her website www.nirrimi.com, or follow her on twitter here.

Also, watch this short clip Nirrimi directed, filmed by her love, Matt

Lots of kisses! Until the next post, enjoy life to the fullest!


ps. Focus on the beauty of every moment you live. Like Nirrimi says, “most of all i’m just passionately obsessed with capturing beautiful moments.”