Don’t they say one picture = 1000 words?


Well, since I don’t have time to post an article everyday, I decided I am going to be uploading one picture everyday for the next month.


On March 14, 2013 “One picture per day” will end and of course you can choose your favorite picture and write an article related to the topic of the picture. The article that will pull me in it the most, will be published on March 20th!


Of course with every picture uploaded I will write a short description -could be a word, a link or a paragraph, the lyrics of a song or a quote from a poem- so when you choose your picture you can get ideas from my “description”. What I am looking for is not a description of the picture but something you came up with when you looked at the picture: a story, a poem, a song, a video or an article inspired by one of the pictures. Just let your creativity, your fantasy and your inspiration free! All senses allowed!


For more details, go here.


Today’s first picture, is sweet and sour, tragic and passionate, beautiful and romantic


For the ones “in love” ❤