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Hey there guys! It’s Lfiorelina and as you can probably tell by the date gap between each post I upload…I don’t have ANY free time! I guess you don’t call free time a time of the day when you have many things to do and you just don’t do them…free time is the time when you are done with your things to do and you have FREE TIME to do whatever you want! So…if you have free time, you’re really lucky! Here’s a list of things I would do if I had some real spare time ūüėõ¬†

1. Read the news without anxiety and hurry

2. Surf on the internet calmly without thinking before clicking on a blog to read it

3. Go shopping 

4. Do a beauty session (hair removal, mani-pedi, hair care, face care, make-up experiments)

5. Read a book (currently: the plays of Ibsen)

6. Sleep as much as I feel I need to (16 hours)

7. Watch television in the morning (favorite time)

8. Amble on a sunny day!

9. Take care of my cat 

10. Organize and clean my room (well it is sort of a chore but..)

11. Watch the movies I want to (currently: the girl of my dreams) 

12. Go out with my friends 

13. Club 

14. Play  some piano  Try to learn to play the piano

15. Have fun with my family

16. Go to a concert

17. Organize and clean up my computer (chore I never have the time to actually do)

18. Listen to a lot of music and discover new styles and artists (currently on a Bob Marley discovery)

19. Buy a magazine and read it with no rush (preferably vogue and better homes and gardens)

20. Watch 10 episodes of gossip girl (chuck I miss you!)

21. Participate in a volunteer program (tree planting, feed the homeless)

22. Call friends I haven’t talked to for a while

23. Spread postive energy wherever I go 

24. Take a walk on the wild side (city centre) and just HAVE FUN!

25. Do any work I haven’t already done!

+1 Write on my blog 

ps. I hope I gave you a couple of ideas for your free time! Have fun!