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Hey there guys! Christmas is unfortunately over and there is this melancholy feeling around which makes me wanna sit in bed and watch tv series instead of studying. By the way, I am thinking of starting to watch again sex and the city, gossip girl and blue bloods which I had forgotten all about for some time…Which one do you like the best? I think my favorite is Sex and the City, because I love fashion and comedy and it combines both!

Anyway, first of all, tell me how was your christmas! I had a lot of fun the second week of the winter break because I visited a mountain while the first one I was at home sitting and doing nothing. I feel like christmas break should truly be a break and not a huge studying session. I actually barely studied during this break (even though I should have) and I am not proud about it BUT I am glad I enjoyed it! I also received some great presents and bought everybody else gifts as well so that part was a lot of fun! Some of the things I got include:

1. The plays of Ibsen

2. Brown stretch pants from Sisley

3. An oysho pullover

4. A pull and bear skirt

5. A calendar for the new year

6. Black tights

7. A very artsy pair of earrings

The reason I list some of the things I got is because now it’s SALES SEASON and many of you who want to buy the xmas presents now, can get ideas! I will write about the gifts I bought for others and a special article about the SALES! It’s a huge deal! In my opinion everybody should have bought their gifts after christmas (you would get more and better) I ordered two jackets from topshop (total was 88$) and the items were on sale! The leather jacket which originally costed 85$ was on sale for 65$ and the other jacket was on sale for 23$ when it originally costed 63! So do all the shopping you want now!



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